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As of May 2018, CultureWork is on hiatus as a publication.

Prior to this time, CultureWork sought submissions of concise (1000-2000 words) critiques and advisories on community arts, cultural policy, and the preparation of community arts and culture workers. Graphics that express the spirit of community arts and cultural policy were welcome, to be published with attribution.

Manuscripts could be sent via email as an attachment (as either .doc/.docx Word format or .txt plain text format) or sent via postal mail on a thumb drive. American Psychological Association guidelines for style and citations ( were applied. If accepted for publication, authors were asked to make revisions.

Information about submissions could be sent to or via postal mail: care of Center for Community Arts & Cultural Policy, School of Planning, Public Policy & Management, College of Design, 1209 University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon 97403-1209.

CultureWork is an electronic publication of the University of Oregon Center for Community Arts and Cultural Policy. Its mission is to provide timely workplace-oriented information on culture, the arts, education, and community. For previous issues of CultureWork, visit the Previous Issues page. Prospective authors and illustrators please see the guidelines above.

Opinions expressed by authors of CultureWork broadsides do not necessarily express those of the editors, the Center for Community Arts and Cultural Policy, or the University of Oregon.

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Copyright – Center for Community Arts and Cultural Policy unless otherwise noted; all other publication rights revert to the author(s), illustrator(s), or artist(s) thereof.

Editor: Julie Voelker-Morris
Founder/Advisor: Dr. Douglas Blandy

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