April 2013. Vol. 17, No. 2. – Management Strategy for Songzhuang Culture and Creative Industry Cluster: Nan Yang – Personalization of Place: Remixing the Eugene Coloring Book: Emily Hope Dobkin

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The Spring 2013 issue of CultureWork: A Periodic Broadside for Arts & Culture Workers offers two case studies focusing on notions of place and community connections.

Nan Yang addresses a specific study about the ways in which the Songzhuang, China Culture and Creative Industry Cluster ­management strategies affect local cultural policy and artistic community connections.   Emily Hope Dobkin examines the personalization of local cultural spaces found within a coloring book project based in the city of Eugene, Oregon.

Both articles articulate the importance of connecting with those inside and outside the community in order to engage with specific landmarks, craft, and local history.  Additionally, these articles address important cultural policy questions such as attracting tourists to cultural settings and markets, consumerism and the effects on marketing unique skills and craft, and ways to celebrate and recognize unique signposts of a community.

Read Nan Yang’s article, “Management Strategy for Songzhuang Culture and Creative Industry Cluster.”

Read Emily Hope Dobkin’s article, “Personalization of Place: Remixing the Eugene Coloring Book.”

We hope you will participate by sharing ideas and questions with our authors in the comments section below.

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