January 2012. Vol. 16, No. 1. – Crowdsourcing and the Evolving Relationship between Artist and Audience: Daniel Linver – Transcending the Music Festival: A Look into an Adoption of Transmedia: Alyssa Fisher

Welcome to the Winter 2012 issues of CultureWork:  A Periodic Broadside for Arts and Culture Workers!

Today’s cultural leaders seek to more readily engage audiences and funders through a variety of mediated forums, outlets, and devices,
i.e., transmediated stories and platforms.  The articles in this issue of CultureWork bring forward the voices of two young professionals
exploring specific applications of transmedia.  Alyssa Fisher examines transmedia trends in music festivals across the United States while
Daniel Linver probes the role of crowdsourcing as a way to develop relationships between artists, audience members, and funders through
online productions that reach and push out around the globe.


Julie Voelker-Morris
Robert Voelker-Morris

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