January 2016. Vol. 20, No. 1. — Advocacy in “Interesting” Times — Anne Katz

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Advocates lead, champion, and proselytize causes or policies for the public good. We consider them the spokespeople and guides upholding the fight on behalf of others, including ourselves. But what if we flip that notion? What if we consider that each and every one of us directing, designing, marketing, fundraising, researching, teaching, and creating in arts and culture sectors are the proponents and promoters of arts for the public good each and every day? That we individually, as well as collectively, advocate for the importance of the arts broadly? Specifically, advocating through our pre-show talks with our audience members, through the pastry and cup of tea we enjoy with our business colleagues at the Chamber of Commerce, through the messaging we send via social media outlets, or by encouraging our students to talk to their school board about their desires for more arts specialists in their classrooms? Anne Katz, Executive Director of Arts Wisconsin, explores these questions in the current issue of CultureWork: A Periodic Broadside for Arts and Culture Workers. We encourage you to read, comment, and share ways in which we each advocate for the arts.


Julie Voelker-Morris

Robert Voelker-Morris


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